Live Surebets

The wide and fast odds fluctuation during live betting can allow for big Surebets profits. Our accurate live-Surebets calculator is your path to success. Choose a game that you can watch live and you are ready to go.

Live-betting or in-play betting is when a player bets in real time. In this case a bettor has the chance to place bets that will be finalized in a short period of time .Many prefer this because they believe that they can predict easier an outcome, in the course of the game.

Pre-live Surebets

HouseOfArbs offers pre-live Surebets on bet-types that other Surebet tools strive to spot. We have got an excellent coverage of various special betting markets like Corners Surebetting and GG/NG Surebetting and others.

Pre-live or pre match betting is betting on an outcome before the match starts. Even though, the margin of profit can be a bit lower that in live-Surebetting it is a less risky and more stable solution because odds are not changing fast.

Super-Fast Surebets Delivery

No delays! No missing events! HouseOfArbs collects odds directly from the bookmakers with no 3rd companies’ involvement! This is how we promise accurate, reliable & super-fast coverage of events. We are proud to offer one of the fastest Surebetting tools with pre-match Surebets delivery in only 10 seconds and live Surebets delivery in 5 seconds from the appearance.Enjoy more than more than 5000 soccer game results per day.

Fully Customizable Interface

Fully customizable features offer you the option to choose among a pool of major world bookmakers.
You are able to filter the games by

  • bookmakers,
  • ROI,
  • min/max Surebet percentage,
  • arbitrage range,
  • match time range and
  • two-way/three-way Surebets outcomes.

The three-way/two-way Surebet filter is a feature rarely offered by Surebet finder tools and refers either to the Surebets with 3 outcomes like 1×2 line or to the Surebets with 2 outcomes like Over/Under Surebets or all the three-way/two-way outcomes.

Check the filters you want and don’t miss a think. Make use of our alarm system and maximize your profits.

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