Maretis Fotis

Fotis is the CEO of House of Arbs.
His professional career includes 19 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.
He holds various knowledge and certifications in Computer Networks and Systems.
He has also developed skills in I.T. engineering and team management through various roles and projects he has undertaken.

Elpiniki Karakosta

Elpiniki holds a Bachelor degree in Finance and Masters in Strategic Studies and Information Governance and Assurance. Currently she is doing a PhD on Immigration Governance and Information Exchange between diverse stakeholders.
6 years research experience on Environmental Economics, Geo-economics and International Relations and 2 years experience in audit.


Katsioulis Nikolaos
Marketing Manager

Nikolaos is the Marketing Manager of House of Arbs. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a M.Sc in Tourism Management. His professional career inludes
15 years of experience in the gaming industry. He also has developed lots of teams both on line and off line and currently alongside with us he is a Counsil Member in GLG an Information Service company based
in New York providing his services as a Gaming expert.

Roussis Sotirios
Sys&Soft Engineer

Sotirios is the head of software development. His knowledge derives from lots of projects in I.T. and alongside with his 5 years of experience in the industry, develops and manages our product with passion and creativity.

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