Enjoy unique Surebets!

HouseOfArbs detects Surebets on bet-types that other Surebet tools strive to spot. We have got an excellent coverage of various special betting markets like Corners Surebetting and GG/NG Surebetting, European with Asian Handicap Surebetting and others.

No delays! No missing events!

HouseOfArbs collects odds directly from the bookmakers with no 3rd companies’ involvement! This is how we promise accurate, reliable & super-fast coverage of events. We are proud to offer one of the fastest Surebetting tools with pre-match and Live Surebets delivery in only 10 seconds from the appearance.

Easy-to-use Calculator!

HouseOfArbs offers the most reliable, on the fly and easy-to-use, calculator. As soon as you spot the Surebet of your liking you can specify the percentage of profit you wish to win or the amount of stake you wish to bet for a given odd price and the calculator gives you the amount of money you must split between the respective bookmakers to gain a Surebet profit.

Filter Surebets between the major world bookmakers!

Choose among 33 world-leading bookmakers and enjoy the Surebets that occur between them displayed on your screen. We are also offering Surebets from 21 bookmakers that are clones of the previous bookmakers. In this way you are able to bet on event at both the major and the clone bookmaker.

Filter Surebets by time, percentage, and two-way/three-way outcomes!

You can also filter Surebets, by arbitrage range, match time range, min/max percentage and two-way/three-way Surebets outcomes.

The three-way/two-way Surebet filter is a feature rarely offered by Surebet finder tools and refers either to the Surebets with 3 outcomes like 1×2 line or to the Surebets with 2 outcomes like Over/Under Surebets or all the three-way/two-way outcomes.

Filter Events and Surebets outcomes themselves!

In case you decide that a Surebet is no longer attractive to you are one click away of removing it from your screen. You are also able to filter out one game/event from all bookmakers.

Filtering the Obvious/Palpable Errors in Bookmakers Odds!

We make great effort to filter most of the obvious/palpable errors in bookmaker’s odds. Bookmakers make a lot of errors when setting their odds. Any bet placed on such a faulty odd can be voided by the bookmaker, meaning that a bettor can lose money. For this reason we strongly advice the players to double check their betting.

Alarm System!

You can be connected to the events and Surebet opportunities of your liking just by enabling our accurate alarm notification system. This way you can avoid long hours of monitoring yourself the Surebets opportunities because as soon as a Surebet of your liking (percentage) appears you are immediately notified by us and you can bet on the spot.


The events portrayed on your screen are updated according to the moment of last scrapping. The event’s last time of scrapping appears on your screen so that you are able to be sharply informed on the latest odds changes. Additionally, you can specify the time interval for a page refresh, depending on your needs for instant and real information.

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