Place a Surebet and never lose a single bet!

Surebets (Sports Betting Arbitrage)

Surebetting is not gambling. It allows for a profit no matter what the outcome of the game is.

Sporting arbitrage occurs when the sets of odds that represent all possible outcomes in a game (e.g. 1×2) allow for a guaranteed profit regardless of the result of the game. This is happening because of odds differential between bookmakers. The profit derives when you place one bet per outcome, covering all outcomes, between different bookmakers.


Let’s suppose that there is a game between these two teams.
Chelsea (Team 1) – Tottenham (Team 2) and that our Surebet finding tool spots the corner 1×2 Surebet opportunity between mcbookie, betrebels and 1xbet.
You simply have to go to the sites of these three bookmakers and bet on mcbookie the outcome C1 (Chelsea making most of the corners), bet on betrebels the outcome CX (both making the same amount of corners), and on 1xbet the outcome C2 (Tottenham making most of the Corners), for this particular set of odds.
Your marginal profit is 7.23 percent of the total money you will bet, meaning that if you bet overly 100 Euros you will get back 7.23 Euros.

The HouseOfArbs calculator lets you know how you would split the total money you want to bet between the bookmakers.
For instance, if you want to bet 100 Euros you go to User Settings and fill in the box that says “Total Budget” with the amount 100. In the previous example, you can see that the calculator indicates that you should bet 60.90 Euros (odds 1.77) on outcome 1 at mcbookie 12.68 Euros on outcome 2 (odds 8.5) at betrebels and 26.42 (odds 4.08) at 1xbet.
This way you will win a net profit of 7.23 Euros. It is extremely easy, go for it!

S The Steps to Surebetting

You are only a couple of steps away from Surebetting:

  • Use our Surebet finding tool to pinpoint the Surebet you like
  • Go to the bookmakers that are indicated
  • Find the respective teams and check if the teams and the date of the game are the same as the ones indicated by the Surebetting tool
  • Make sure that the odds offered by the bookmakers are the same as the ones indicated by the tool
  • Bet, covering all the possible outcomes

In general, use bookmakers that are trustworthy and less likely to cancel your bet.

L Is It Legal?

Surebetting is 100% legal.
There is nothing unlawful in taking advantage of the odds differential between bookmakers. As long as your country allows betting with these bookmakers, sporting arbitrage is perfectly approved by law.

T Why do I need the House of Arbs Surebet finding Tool

A player needs to be sharp to take advantage of a Surebet. Odds are very volatile so, Surebets exist for only a few minutes or even seconds before they disappear. Even though, hundreds of arbitrage opportunities appear every day and the speed of finding and betting on a Surebet is a catalytic factor for successful profit or for making a profit at all. The bettors might not only miss out on profitable Surebets when they are searching alone or if they use a software with slow deliverance but they may also lose money if they don’t make it on time to cover all the outcomes (e.g. 1×2).

This makes the “House of Arbs” Surebets finding tool essential to Surebetting. By comparing odds from the biggest world bookmakers on soccer we guarantee Surebets deliverance within only 10seconds from their appearance leaving you enough time to react, bet and make a profit. While in the competition the average deliverance is more than 40 seconds our 10 seconds deliverance tool offers you the chance to outweigh the other players. Be the first to bet!

T Traps to Arbers and how to avoid them

Bookmakers like Pinnaclesports and Sbobet not only are they not “chasing” arbers but in fact they welcome them to bet on their sites. However, these are the leaders of the market and they can afford it. Most of the bookmakers try to discourage arbers usually by setting betting limits or by blocking their accounts. To avoid this you simply need to keep a low profile by following these simple rules:

  1. Avoid betting on lines that are obvious misprints or errors in line (obvious/palpable errors)
  2. Split your betting to several bet types and events, and not only to those offered by Arbing tools
  3. Double-check whether the Surebets higher than 10% are not due to misprints and bet them to trustworthy bookmakers that will not cancel/void your bet
  4. Bear in mind that high-percent live Surebets have a short-time of existence. So start betting with the outcome that is undervalued or overvalued by the bookmaker.
  5. Avoid betting often on the same outcome, again and again, big amounts of money, especially if this is a Surebet

U How do I use the Surebet finding Software

After having selected the Pre-game or Live-Games Surebets options you are re-directed to the respective Surebets. When you are there you can use the “User” button and set the Arbitrage range, the refresh time, the alarm trigger and the total budget amount you want to bet. Save and you are ready to go.

  The Surebets that appear are now adjusted to previous needs. On your screen the respective Surebet game is displayed along with bookmakers between which the Surebet occurs, the odds offered, the Country, the league and the bet type (over/under, 1×2 etc). Additionally, the Surebet percentage is displayed and how you should split the total betting amount you want to play between the bookmakers. Go to the Bookmakers’ sites find this particular event and bet type, double check that the odds and date are the same and bet to its bookmaker the amount that Surebet tool is indicating. You have secured your profit. It is that simple! We are doing all the work for you!


Valuebetting is for those that care about profiting in the long term. In a way it is for the players that would like to invest in betting. The important thing in valuebetting is finding out which odds are the highest in relative terms, between bookmakers, for a specific event.

Let’s suppose that you believe that Barcelona has a 40% chance of winning the game over Real Madrid and that Bookmaker 1 is valuing this at 3. In order to calculate its real value you multiply the odds to probability:

Value = 3 * 40% = 1.2

Because this is more than one this is a valuebet.

Essentially, when the value of a bet is above 1 then this is a valuebet. This means that every time you bet one dollar on a valuebet you win back more than one dollar statistically. Of course, the prerequisite is that you are almost certain about the outcome of the game. This is the reason why valuebetting is for professionals because it’s mostly about estimating the probability of outcomes in a game. Acquiring information and knowing how to use it is important. So, if you feel self-confident enough give it a try!

Polish/Middle Arbing

A Middle is a type of 2-way Surebet. It is a profitable situation that occurs when certain pairs of bets allow you either to win both bets or win one bet and get the other one refunded. There are two types of middle, the over/under and the Asian Handicap that occur in the following ways:

In Asian Handicap when the “+” value is higher than the “-” value.

  • For example, if you bet on Team A (-2) at 1.90 (100 Euros) and on Team B (+3) (83 Euros) at 2.3 and Team A wins with less than 2 goals, draws or loses you win the (+3) bet at bookie 2 and get a marginal profit of 7 Euros.
  • If Team A wins with more than 3 goals you win the (-2) bet at bookie 1 and get a profit of 7 Euros
  • If Team A wins with exactly 3 goals then you win the (-2) bet at bookie 1 and get your money refunded at bookie 2; you win 90 Euros.
  • If Team 1 wins with exactly 2 goals, your (-2) bet gets refunded and you win the (+3) bet at bookie 2; you win 90 Euros

In over/under when the “over” side is smaller than the “under” side.

  • For example, if you bet on a basketball game over 146 points at bookie 1 and under 148 points at bookie 2 and the game ends up 147 points total, then you win both the bets.

The Middles can occur without being Arbs. Even these cases can be profitable, while if you lose you are just losing small amounts of money.

A Polish Middle is an Inverted Middle. This means that if the Middle occurs then you lose your stake. They occur in the following ways:

In Asian Handicap when the “-” side is bigger than the “+”side (e.g. -3, +4).

In over/under when the “over” value is bigger than the “under” value (e.g. over 3.5, under 2.5). In this case you lose at exactly 3 goals.

A player should see Middles as a long term investment. If you bet on middles, even negative ones (ones that are not Arbs), many times you lose a small amount of money but when you win they can be very profitable.

Newbie Corner

O Odds

Odds are numbers that inform you how probable an outcome is. In general, the higher the odds are the less probable an outcome is to occur. In addition, by multiplying the odds to your stake you find out what your probable winnings are. The odds are presented in several formats like decimal and fractional. The bookmakers allow changing the odds type according to your liking.

B Pre-live / Live Betting

Pre-live betting or pre match betting is when players bet on an outcome before the match starts. Live-betting or in-play betting is when a player bets in real time. In this case a bettor has the chance to place bets that will be finalized in a short period of time.

Many prefer live betting because they believe that they can predict easier an outcome, in the course of the game. However, many prefer live-betting because they are too anxious to wait. This is a sure path to failure. Live-betting is like any other kind of betting. You need to be patient and make your research first. And if you feel solid for a team, choose a game that you can watch and you are ready to go.

Odds are numbers that inform you how probable an outcome is. In general, the higher the odds are the less probable an outcome is to occur. In addition, by multiplying the odds to your stake you find out what your probable winnings are. The odds are presented in several formats like decimal and fractional. The bookmakers allow changing the odds type according to your liking.

B Bookmakers and Bookmakers Clones

Bookmakers are businesses that accept bets on sporting events on specific odds. Bookmaker’s clones or else mirror sites are bookmakers with the same betting lines with another bookmaker.
Even though clones may differ from the initial bookmaker in lines, interface and even sport events, in their vast majority they are more than ninety percent the same. Usually, the clones copy the odds of the major bookmakers. In many cases, the sites belong to the same business group. Therefore, you are able to take advantage of these similarities and bet on a certain outcome of a sport event more than once with different bookmakers

T Bet Types

1×2: The simplest type is that of 1×2. When you are betting on the outcome 1 this means that you are betting on Team 1 to win. Respectively, outcome 2 is Team 2 to win and x is for the result to be draw.

Double Chance Betting: You will see double chance betting taking the following forms: 1x, x2 and12. If you bet on 1x then you are betting on either Team 1 to win or Team 1 to draw. X2 means either Team 2 wins or draws, while 12 mean that you are getting paid if either Team 1 or Team 2 wins.

Asian Handicap – European Handicap:

Many times the odds for a strong team are pretty low. In these cases many players prefer handicap betting due to the more beneficial odds. In Handicap betting a team is given a handicap to surpass and so the odds are higher. The idea is that the strong game is given a handicap to match and the underdog is given a benefit.

For example, if Manchester United (strong team) is given a handicap of -2, you win if Manchester wins the match by a difference of more than two goals. If it wins the game by exactly two goals then you get stake refund. A handicap of +2 (underdog) pays out if it wins or draws. If the other team wins by three or more, you lose your bet.

Asian Handicap betting has expanded with lots of lines. They start at a quarter goal and go as high as possible (especially with In-Play gaming).

For instance, Asian Handicap + 0.25 on Liverpool mean that you win when Liverpool wins the game. In case draw occurs you get half of your stake back and the rest multiplied by the odds is your profit. The same occurs for Asian Handicap – 0.25.

Asian Handicap + 0.5 is like the double chance bet. You win if the team you have supported wins or draws. To win your coupon with Asian Handicap – 0.5 you simply need the team you have backed to win. In all the other cases you lose.

Asian Handicap + 0.75 means that the team you are supporting needs to win. In case it wins by one goal you lose half of your stake and get the rest back. If it wins by two or more goals then you lose the bet. Asian Handicap – 0.75 means that the team you back needs to win by two or more goals. If it wins by 1 you get half of your stake back and you multiply the rest by the odds to get your winnings. In case of draw you lose.

There is also the Asian Handicap 0.0 where you win if the team you have backed wins. If it draws your stake money is returned.

European Handicap offers the advantage is placed on the underdog too but unlike Asian handicap it doesn’t offer two selections. It is either a single handicap or a three-way handicap. Additionally, the handicaps can only be integer numbers. Suppose Team A is the strong team and the handicap stands at 2 goals. Then the European Handicap will take the following form:

Team A (-2)

Draw (-2)

Team B (+2)

Team A wins if it wins by 3 goals and more. Team 2 wins even if it loses by 1 goal. The match is a draw if Team A wins by 2 goals exactly.

The equivalent to Asian Handicap is the following:

EH: Arsenal (-1) is equivalent to AH: Arsenal (-1.5)

EH: Draw (-1) has no Asian Handicap equivalent.

EH: Cardiff (+1) is equivalent to AH: Cardiff (+ 0.5)


Over/under betting is also referred as Total wager. When bettors wager on an over or under bet they select to whether the total points/goals scored by both teams are over or under a certain total amount of points set by the bookmaker. For instance, when you back on a soccer game over 2.5 then you win when the total number of goals scored in a game is three or more. Respectively, when you bet on under 2.5 you win if the total goals in a game are one or two.

There are also other over/under betting options like pre-game and live betting, individual teams and periods’ betting.

Draw No Bet:

“Draw no Bet” is a two-way bet and you win if the team that you are backing wins. In case of a draw result you get your stake back. For this reason, usually, the odds for “draw no bet” are lower than those of 1×2 betting. The 0:0 Asian Handicap is the same as DNB.

Usually, the bettors prefer a DNB option when they think that a draw outcome is quite possible or when during a live game the strong team is losing but they still believe it to be the favorite. In a way players see DNB as a resort for protection.

Both Teams to Score GG/NG:

“Both Teams to Score” betting is a “Yes” or “No” option. If you bet on yes then you win if both teams score (at least one goal) and the opposite. This popular betting type is also known as BTTS or GG/NG betting and is offered with many options like BTTS for full time or for period one or period two.

Bettors prefer this type of betting for the teams that usually bring over 2.5 results. Additionally, when the “away” team is a strong one, then the possibility for BTTS is rising.

B What is Back and Lay

Back Betting is the traditional type of betting. When we are backing a bet we are betting in favor of an outcome. Conversely, lay betting is when we are betting against an outcome. This option is offered by betting exchanges which allow you to act as a bookmaker yourself. So, when laying a bet you oppose or bet against the odds of an outcome. For example, if you Lay Arsenal you win the bet if Arsenal loses or draws

In essence, when you are laying a bet you are selling a bet. Or else you are acting like a bookmaker, meaning that you are betting against the bets that the other bettors are buying. It is important to keep in mind that with lay betting the exchange is between the bettors and not between the player and the bookmaker/exchange.

The profit (amount you win) and liability (the amount you lose) is different for back betting and lay betting. When backing a bet, if you lose you only lose the amount of your stake. But when you are laying a bet, liability is the amount you lose. For example, if you are laying Arsenal at Backer’s odd 5, your liability is 50 Euros to make a profit of 10 Euros. This means that if Arsenal wins, you have a loss of 50 Euros. If it loses or draws you win 10 Euros (another bettor’s stake). Only if the bet is matched (someone is backing Arsenal for 10 Euros) then if Arsenal loses you actually win the backers 10 Euros. So, when laying a bet you can only win what the other players are staking. For this reason it is important to make sure that your bet is matched or else that there is enough liquidity in the market at the price of your selection.

Quite often lay betting is used by players that want to benefit from bookmakers’ free-bets as it can reduce the risk or allow you to make a profit. Indeed, lay betting allows for payers to make a profit if the odds shorten after they have already placed a bet at higher odds. In this way the players can cut down loses or even secure profit. For example if you back a bet at odds 3.5 and you place 100 Euros and for some reason the backer’s odds shorten at 3 and you decide to lay the bet, then you lay it for 116.6 Euros with 233.4 liability which means that in any case (no matter what the outcome is) you get a marginal profit of 16.6 Euros.

In betting exchanges you are able to lay a bet at your own price if the price that you see on your monitor doesn’t suit you. And if someone thinks that your offer is profitable they can back it.

E Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is like a bookmaker in the sense that you can bet on events at it too. But it is different from a bookmaker because you are also able to lay a bet (bet against an outcome) there, meaning that you can bet against other bettors (see “what is Back and Lay”).

The betting exchange offers the platform for the bettors to compete with each other while it offers its services on a commission on the net winnings. In essence the players can trade in real-time (like in the in-play betting) and they are able to secure a profit or to cut down loses. If the odds offered are not of your liking you are able to lay a bet at your own price and if somebody finds it profitable they can back it.

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